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Purolator Broadens Target Demographic for Spring Advertising Campaign to Include Millennial Moms

RALEIGH, NC – April 18, 2019 – Purolator announced the launch of a multimedia campaign designed to drive consumer demand for PurolatorBOSS® Premium Cabin Air Filters with Febreze Freshness, incorporating a newly expanded demographic that includes mothers between the ages of 25 and 44. 

The campaign features a range of creative assets targeting both the traditional automotive do-it-yourself audience and women interested in the benefits of clean, odorless, and allergy-free air inside their vehicles. It will run through the end of June 2019 on a range of platforms including digital TV, radio, audio streaming services, and a variety of other digital mediums.

Initiatives will drive awareness and education by informing consumers about the benefits of a cabin air filter, an often-overlooked maintenance item that is simple to replace. Brand-specific sales are also a goal, with a focus on automotive retail stores.

“Market research shows that women in this demographic are informed, educated and savvy, and that fresh, clean air is high on their priority list,” said Tina Davis, senior marketing manager of brand and communications at MANN+HUMMEL Purolator Filters LLC. “This campaign is designed to encourage consumers to take charge of the air quality in their vehicle with regular cabin air filter maintenance, a simple task that they can do themselves. We believe this message resonates with moms who make purchasing decisions for their families.”

Messaging throughout this campaign will center around the odor-eliminating power of Febreze and how PurolatorBOSS Premium Cabin Air Filters can help to protect families from harmful pollutants in the air. For example, the simplicity of the cabin air filter installation process is highlighted in a video that features kids performing the maintenance – with priceless commentary that could only come from the mouths of babes. Another video features a nitpicking mother-in-law character, and teases that you can’t always control what gets in your car, but Purolator can keep harmful pollutants out.

The campaign will be featured in key markets throughout the United States. To learn more about the campaign and Purolator’s filtration products, visit http://www.nothinggetsbyus.com/premium-cabin-air.

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Purolator Broadens Target Demographic for Spring Advertising Campaign to Include Millennial Moms