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PurolatorTECH™ Cabin Air Filters improve overall driving comfort, encourage better vehicle airflow and aid in defroster performance.



Nearly 80% of vehicles on the road feature a cabin air filter that will need to be replaced. And, with all of the pollutants in the air today, it’s more important than ever that we keep the air in our vehicles as clean as possible. That’s why PurolatorTECH Cabin Air Filters are engineered to meet or exceed OE manufacturer requirements and incorporate the latest in filtration technology.

PurolatorTECH Cabin Air Filter View

PurolatorTECH Cabin Air Filters protect against:

  • Inert Allergens
  • Pollen 
  • Odors and Fumes
  • Dirt
  • Soot

Activated carbon applications

Professional grade filtration for professional grade technicians

PurolatorTECH Cabin Air Filters are available in both particulate and carbon configurations to meet or exceed OE requirements, improve overall driving comfort by helping to remove harmful airborne contaminants, encourage better airflow and aid in HVAC and defroster performance. 

But you’re not looking for a story. You want facts:

  • Engineered for OE fit, form and function
  • Electrostatically charged media*
  • Available in particulate or carbon
  • Meets or exceeds manufacturer’s requirements
  • Encourages better airflow through the vehicle
  • Encourage regular filter replacements every 12 months or 12,000 miles
  • Over 95% VIO coverage with expanded line
  • Optimizes HVAC and defroster performance
  • Includes extensive domestic and import coverage
  • Many applications made in USA

*May vary by application

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You take your business serious, and so does Purolator. We offer a complete program to help support your business needs. Purolator provides innovating products, first to market distribution, competitive pricing and sales support to help your business grow.

  • A dedicated team, including customer service, sales and product management experts to ensure you have the right parts to drive your business
  • Displays and full in-shop point-of-sale materials — including posters, window clings, counter mats and more
  • A complete library of images and product descriptions to support your online initiatives and keep your website current
  • Videos to educate consumers on the importance of changing their filter to play in your lobby or service bays, add to your website or share with your followers on social media

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