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Protect your vehicle by replacing your air filter with a PurolatorONE™ Air Filter for advanced air filtration.



PurolatorONE is constructed with full synthetic or highly embossed media.* Blocks up to 99% of dirt, soot and debris out of your engine.** Helps improve acceleration and boost engine efficiency. Employs steel grid backing, ridge supports or polyamide high temperature glue beads to provide superior strength and stability.* And, optimizes engine airflow with precision fit polyurethane framing which provides a tight seal. Meets or exceeds OE performance requirements. Protects up to 12 months or 12,000 miles.

See Why Better Airflow Matters

Damaging dirt, dust, soot and other particulates enter an engine as you drive. A clogged filter robs the engine of air, decreasing horsepower and wearing down engine performance over time. Proper airflow helps maintain fuel efficiency, acceleration and power. Improve the performance and productivity of your engine with a new PurolatorONE Air Filter.






You Found What in My Engine?

Would you believe it if a mechanic told you he found a wig in your engine? What about an oven mitt? We ask these questions and more during our hidden camera shoot at a local auto repair shop to make sure nothing gets by our customers.

How to Change Your Air Filter

Changing your engine air filter can help increase gas mileage, acceleration and the overall efficiency of your engine. In this video we show you each step of an air filter replacement and explain how a new filter can help prevent dirt, sand and other road debris from damaging your engine.


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*Depending on application
**Based on ISO 5011 on A24278

U.S. DOE “Effect of Intake Air Filter Condition on Vehicle Fuel Economy.”