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PurolatorBOSS Oil Article Oil 2019

Purolator’s Latest Video Highlights Memorable Moments that Unfold over 15,000 Miles with a Premium PurolatorBOSS® Oil Filter

Raleigh, N.C. – August 22, 2019 – Purolator has released a new shareable video to help tell the story of a premium PurolatorBOSS Oil Filter. Titled “Reflecting on the Last 15,000 Miles,” the video features a peek into the life of a young couple and captures the countless memorable moments that happen to them on their way to 15,000 miles. From trips to the beach to driving to daycare and commuting to work, viewers will relate to what life throws their way as they make the most of the miles ahead.

“Day in and day out, most drivers operate their vehicles in extreme conditions. They need a filter that can handle this type of severe driving as well as extended drain intervals,” said Tina Davis, senior marketing manager of brand and communications at MANN+HUMMEL Purolator Filters LLC.“PurolatorBOSS Oil Filters feature SmartFUSION Technology™ made from 100 percent full synthetic media with a fully integrated polymer mesh backing for expanded dirt holding capacity and extended performance for up to 15,000 miles.”

Premium PurolatorBOSS Oil Filters are available at traditional and online retailers nationwide.

To watch the video, visit Purolator’s YouTube channel and go to https://www.PurolatorNOW.com for more information on PurolatorBOSS Premium Oil Filters.