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Can a Dirty Cabin Air Filter Affect My Car’s Performance?

You probably don’t think much about changing your vehicle’s cabin air filter. You might not even know your car has one. It most certainly does. Some people ask, “Can a dirty cabin air filter affect my car’s performance?” The answer is “yes.”

A cabin air filter blocks dirt, brake dust, soot and pollen from getting inside your car. The more you drive, the more your cabin air filter collects these fine particles. If you don’t change your filter, you’ll run into problems down the road.

Why should I care if my filter is full?

A dirty, old cabin air filter can have a negative effect on your vehicle. When your cabin air filter is clogged, airflow is restricted. Your vehicle’s HVAC system must work harder and run longer to maintain a comfortable environment. That extra work increases fuel consumption, costing you more at the pump. Installing a new cabin air filter is just as important as changing the oil.

If your cabin air filter is too full to block out pollen, brake dust and pollutants, those particles will make their way into your car. Changing your cabin air filter regularly will improve the air quality in your vehicle for you and your passengers.

Cabin air filters make your car smell better.

Over time, outside odors make their way into your vehicle’s cabin. While a PurolatorBOSS® Premium Cabin Air Filter with Febreze Freshness is unscented, it blocks and controls odors, so your car is left smelling fresh. That’s a better solution than masking bad smells. Regular filter maintenance is needed to prevent mold and odor-causing bacteria growth on the filter.

A clogged cabin air filter hinders airflow.

Have you noticed it taking longer to defog your windshield in the morning? It could be because your cabin air filter needs replacement. Your car’s climate control system depends on a clean cabin air filter. When the filter is full of dirt and debris, air cannot flow properly through the system. You’ll notice that your windows won’t defrost as well if you haven’t changed your cabin air filter.

Get in the habit of replacing your cabin air filter.

It’s easy to maintain a clean cabin air filter. Just make it part of your regular cleaning regimen. It’s recommended you change your filter when you change the clock in your car for daylight savings.