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Premium Oil Filters and Why You Should Be Using Them

Hard facts: Driving habits matter, and so does your choice in oil filter. It’s true. Pairing your specific driving habits with the right oil filter can make a major difference on the day-to-day performance and longevity of your engine.

Driving Habits are Key. Know Which Lane You Drive In. 

When choosing an oil filter, it’s crucial you take driving habits into consideration. Vehicle service manuals list maintenance schedules for both “normal” and “severe” driving habits.

Most people consider themselves to be normal drivers, when in reality, the majority of vehicles on the road today are operating under severe driving conditions.

If any of the following conditions apply to your driving, you are considered to have “severe” driving habits, which constitute not only using a premium oil, but also a premium oil filter that matches the performance levels of the oil, giving you the most for your investment.

  • Heavy, congested traffic
  • Frequent short trips and stop-and-go driving
  • Towing – boat, travel trailer, utility trailer, jet ski, etc.
  • Off-roading
  • Extreme hot and cold temperatures
  • Extensive engine idling and frequent engine stops
  • Mountainous terrain
  • Dusty conditions – dirt/gravel roads, construction sites, farms, etc.

See our filter selection guide to find the right filter for you.

Premium Oils Need Premium Filters.

Make no mistake, the right combination goes a long way. On the road today, cars are using synthetic oils more than ever. To get the most out of your full synthetic or synthetic blends, we recommend you upgrade to a premium oil filter like PurolatorBOSS® or PurolatorONE™.

The oil cleans the engine, of course, but what cleans the oil? The oil filter. When choosing a synthetic or synthetic blend oil change service, only a superior filter can provide the full benefits of your investment.

This is the case for a number of reasons:

  • Many newer vehicles require full synthetic or semi-synthetic oils with longer drain intervals. Installing a premium oil filter helps ensure optimum performance and engine protection.
  • Helps prevent premature engine wear for longer engine life.
  • Provides coverage for intervals exceeding 3,000 miles.
  • Helps get the most life out of older vehicles by capturing smaller particles and contaminants than standard or economy filters.
  • Remember how driving habits matter? Most people are severe drivers.